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While I normally don’t care for most supplements this product brand Viva Naturals is amazing! In the past, I have been diagnosed with low Vitamin D and for a while, I had to be on prescription-strength supplements. Those supplements gave me a huge amount of energy, but because of the high dosage, I couldn’t be on them permanently. Recently I found these and from the first dose, I felt that same burst of energy. I love the flavor of them as well, that perfect combination of sweet and tart! I have also tried Viva Naturals’ other supplements and their Tumeric has helped my recovery from workouts while their Ashwagandha has helped my mood swings dramatically!

3D Moon Lamp

Have you ever wanted to hold the moon in your hands? This lamp will get you closer than you ever expected. It’s rechargeable and has two light settings, three if you count the fact that sometimes when cycling through its settings it turns blue! It can be used without being plugged in, meaning you can toss the moon around as well. Haha.

Everyday things


My favorite alarm clock wakes me up with its R2D2 like noise as it jumps off my nightstand and forces me out of bed as my cats chase after it. Click on the image and use code clocky15 for 20% off your order.


This is a great website to create that personal touch in your personal or business life by allowing you to create and send custom cards using your own images, text, and even the option to send a gift. I have used this service to send letters to my grandmother, birthday cards, etc. Click on the image to check it out!


Totally buggin’ Sunglasses!

These sunglasses fit so well and are so comfortable with just enough tint to protect my light-sensitive eyes in the harsh desert summer sun. Click on the image to check them out or try on other sunglasses using virtual try-on.

Keep an eye on this page as I update it with more of my favorite things!

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