About KathrynLuisa

Here I am in my closet to tell you all about why I’m here.

This blog is about me and my experiences.

My curiosity is what drives me. What motivates me is my desire to create or be a part of something that will make the world remember my name, even if it’s only because it’s written in the margins in small print.

I have tried many different forms of expression and have average skills, but I have found myself only being OK at most. Even in building this site, on my own, with the help of google searches and trial and error, I find myself more frustrated. That frustration is worth the result. Often I find myself scrapping the result of a previous effort and rebuilding over and over. This website has been made over at least a half dozen times since I purchased it a couple of years ago. Whenever I think I have found perfection, it gets abandoned for another challenge, only for me to return to it later to be unsatisfied.

My greatest challenges

My challenge is to find an even more significant challenge for myself every single day. It is when I push myself that I am at my best. However, I must constantly remind myself or be reminded to slow down, take a moment for myself, and enjoy life as it is.

Thankfully, I have two cats and a hyperactive partner who helps remind me constantly to take breaks. You will likely hear about them just as much as you will hear about me and what I’m doing.

Just a small-town girl, no more

I’ve lived in Arizona most of my life. Up until 15, I was in a tiny town, and from then until 18, another small town.

The way I feel about small towns is that there are two kinds of people that live in them:

  1. Those who will never leave, and if they do, they will always return.
  2. Those who can’t wait to get out will do whatever it takes to get out.

I am of the latter. Growing up as a truckdrivers daughter, my mother and both her husbands spending their careers on the road, I had had a small taste of what the world outside my small town could offer.

I wasn’t about to limit myself

I’m a Queen fan and have been since I was a kid when I listened to the “Best Of” CDs my mother had in her collection. There is a Queen song for everyone and every situation. For me, the top three are: “The Show Must Go On” for when I’m feeling depressed, “Don’t Stop Me Now” for when I’m on a roll, and “I Want It All” because deep down, that is exactly why I do all that I do.

I will not limit myself to what I can get now. I am grateful for all I have; so much of it is things I could only imagine having at one point in my life. However, being grateful does not mean I stop dreaming; it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t want to improve my life. I will always strive for bigger and better things.

In turn, I feel you should also go after your dreams and push yourself to your limits. I know you can do it. If someone as average as me can accomplish the things I have, you can do all the things you have been dreaming about for so long. It just takes the small step of starting.

Thank you so much for following my journey here on my blog. If you are a subscriber to my emails, thank you for your support! If you’re a paid member, you are fucking awesome. Every penny of your monthly membership price (after Paypal’s BS fees) goes toward keeping this website alive. If you have ever bought a product through one of my affiliate links on any of my posts, you are just as fucking awesome because while I only get a small percentage of those sales, that money still goes a long way to make my dreams possible.

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