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  • Put the past behind you

    Put the past behind you

    I had a whole post written up. I had written it the same day that I had written four other posts. Three of them were for the, and one for my business site. I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Since my business is my primary money maker and is an experiment for potentially […]

  • Another photoshoot -A model, a blog, a dream

    Another photoshoot -A model, a blog, a dream

    I’m in the process of scheduling another modeling photoshoot. It’s been more than a year since I last did a shoot. It’s scary to think of getting back in front of a camera.  I know my boyfriend doesn’t necessarily like the idea of me doing modeling again. He has tried to show support by offering […]

  • About KathrynLuisa

    Here I am in my closet to tell you all about why I’m here. This blog is about me and my experiences. My curiosity is what drives me. What motivates me is my desire to create or be a part of something that will make the world remember my name, even if it’s only because […]