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  • Depression and the Holiday Season

    Depression and the Holiday Season

    It’s December. This means a lot of things. Colder weather and less sunlight in some states. Colorful lights, gatherings of family and friends, decorating, lots of food with lots of sugar in it, and presents. Beneath the surface For those of us with mental health concerns such as depression, PTSD, chronic anxiety, and others, this […]

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  • Self-care and guilt

    Self-care and guilt

    When we think about guilt around self-care, we often think about parents, typically mothers, who are so busy putting all they are into their children that they feel terrible if they slow down a moment for themselves. However, I wish to bring up another perspective on this problem. Single people, without children, men, and women, […]

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  • Put the past behind you

    Put the past behind you

    I had a whole post written up. I had written it the same day that I had written four other posts. Three of them were for the catinstuctionmanual.com, and one for my business site. I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Since my business is my primary money maker and catinstructionmanual.com is an experiment for potentially […]

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