I did something dumb…

What did I do?

As I was trying to change a setting on my website, I accidentally deleted all of my data! *Sigh* However, this is a good thing. I was highly frustrated at first, then decided to start over.

You see, I’ve been thinking the past month or so that my website needed a good clean-up. This gave me a perfect chance to do exactly that. I’ve spent the past few hours recalling all that I did before to build my site and pages, and I feel like I did a pretty good job. Not all my posts are entirely gone because I kept copies of all except the first one. Do I want to repost all of them? Not necessarily. I feel better off picking and choosing and possibly putting up some writings that I was hesitant to post before.

This isn’t the worst thing

I’m going through some seriously stressful stuff right now that I can’t even talk about because of all that it involves. I hope one day I will be able to talk about it freely. My life has been turned upside down, and the depression that I have had since I was a kid has been triggered full force. Paralyzing panic attacks, yay! Well, just one so far, thankfully. I’ve also been forgetting to eat, and in three days, I lost 4lbs. I want to lose weight, just not that way. So I asked a friend to remind me to eat, and she’s been an angel about it. It’s always good to have someone to ask such a simple thing from.

It’s caused my stress levels to go so high I’ve even managed to offend someone by saying their baby wasn’t photogenic, which they took as me calling their baby ugly. Yep, I went there; I’m an awful person. It was through text, and the person blocked me, which I completely deserved, so I apologized through another communication medium. Stress does crazy things to a person. So if you get stressed out and do or say something that upsets someone else, it’s OK, your human, and stress sucks.

I’ve had people to talk to, and that’s helped immensely. Some of those people are going through the same situation as me, and the rest know some of the details. I am so thankful for all these people, and I doubt they know exactly how grateful I am for each of them.

My advice

If you are ever in a truly stressful situation, no matter what it is, find someone to talk to. It can be anybody, a trusted friend, family member, partner, a support group, or a professional. Please don’t talk to your coworkers; I’ve worked in places where people will instantly take what you say and start rumors. You don’t want that. Customers/clients they’re also a no-go, they’re frequenting your business simply for the services, and many people will complain if you talk about your stressful stuff with them.

Do you have people that you talk to during stressful situations? Comment below.